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Warranty Info

This section covers the warranty on the product only. For company policies, returns, etc, please see the terms and conditions.

Quality is extremely important to us. Using the latest manufacturing processes as well as extensive product testing, we are able to maintain the highest of standards. All Neo Car Audio products bearing our name come with a one year warranty. In the unlikely event there is a problem, we will repair or replace the item according to the guidelines below:

One Year Limited Warranty The quality controls used in the manufacture of this product ensure your satisfaction. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of this product from an authorized dealer. This warranty covers any supplied or manufactured parts of this product that, upon inspection by NEO CAR AUDIO authorized personnel, is found to have failed in normal use due to defects in material or workmanship. This warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear. Operating this unit under conditions other than those recommended or voltages other than the voltage indicated on the unit, or attempting to service or modify the unit, will render this WARRANTY VOID. Unless otherwise proscribed by law, NEO CAR AUDIO shall not be liable for any personal injury, property damage or any incidental or consequential damages of any kind (including water damage) resulting from malfunctions, defects, misuse, improper installation or alteration of this product.

All parts of this NEO CAR AUDIO product are guaranteed for a period of 1 year as follows: Within the first 12 months from date of purchase, subject to the conditions above, NEO CAR AUDIO will repair or replace the product if it is defective in material or workmanship. You must provide NEO CAR AUDIO, with a copy of the invoice-PROOF OF PURCHASE and it must have been purchased from an authorized dealer or from Neo Car Audio itself. This is a repair/replace only NO refunds are given. Neo does NOT warrant ANY installation. Neo Car Audio is in no way liable for any installation or removal costs for any reason. Installation is not covered and will not be refunded by Neo Car Audio. All expenses, including shipping of warranty items to and from Neo Car Audio, are to be paid by the end user. No exceptions.

All warranty returns MUST have an RMA number issued from our customer service department. Contact Neo Car Audio for further warranty repair info. Proof of purchase is required. Warranty does not cover normal tear and wear, damages due to negligence, improper installation or operation. Neo Car Audio will handle all of the inspections and testing of the warranty return. No repairs or replacements will be issued until Neo has inspected the item. Neo will make the final decision as to the extent of the warranty claim. Please allow at least 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks for the warranty claim to be finalized.

Important: The warranty applies to products manufactured by Neo Car Audio and sold with the Neo name on the adapter. Neo also sells and distributes products for many companies. For products sold or distributed by Neo but manufactured or bearing another companies name, Neo Car Audio is the reseller/distributor and your warranty is with the manufacturer. After the 30-day purchase period, all warranty claims must go through the manufacturer of the product.

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