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Neo Car Audio was founded in 2001 as a cutting edge R&D company, since then it has morphed into the premiere source for aftermarket mobile electronics of the 21st century. Neo Car Audio is OEM integration and leads the industry in creating audio and video interfaces that connect to factory radios. Neo specializes in iPod and iPhone car adapters and has parts for every compatible car in the market. Neo has the most iPod to car stereo knowledge in the 12v industry.

At Neo Car Audio our goal is bring innovative new products to dealers, expediters and end-users, while providing the highest level of customer service and product excellence in the mobile electronic industry. We strive to be the best and not necessarily the biggest or most profitable; our growth is a reflection of our individual commitment to each and every customer.

1999: Neo Car Jukebox - The Neo Car Jukebox was the first car MP3 Player sold in America. It was sold from launch in 1999 until the iPod was released in 2004 at which time the Neo Car Jukebox was discontinued. Previously sold in Best Buy.

2004: Neo Changer - The Neo Changer was a CD changer designed to work exactly like factory CD changers. The Neo Changer plugged into the factory CD changer port on car stereos and cost a fraction of a CD changer from the car dealership. Previously sold in Best Buy.

2006: Neo iOn - The Neo iOn was the first universal direct connect iPod Car Adapter sold in America. This product has continued to be updated and is still sold today as our entry level iPod Car solution with HD quality sound.

2008: Neo ProLink - The Neo ProLink is a vehicle specific adapter that has the same sound and control as the Neo iOn but offers an additional auxiliary input for secondary devices. The ProLink also has the ability to send song information text to the car radio.

2010: Neo Gateway - The Neo Gateway is the last adapter line Neo will ever need to make. This adapter supports most vehicles, is fully flash updatable to add future vehicles as they are supported, and has ports for updated hardware support such as HD and Satellite Radio.

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